Life as an artist can be a rewarding one but a tricky one to maintain. When your an artist creativity runs through your veins like multi-coloured blood flowing through you giving you life.

There is a constant urge and desire within to create and paint. Ideas take over and pile up in an endless list in your artistic library within your brain. It can be hard to switch off when you don’t want to fight the flow of creativity.

However in this day and age there aren’t many artists who are truly fortunate enough not to have to work full time also. I have taken that challenge a step further. working full time,  studying for my second degree full time and taking in commissions.

I am the juggling artist!

Who needs sleep anyway …right?

I have come to the conclusion that a little bit of what you fancy is they key! So I work, come home and have a timetable in which I study and allow myself painting time. I know if I do X amount of study I get Y amount for painting allowing me to get some Zzzzzz!


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