Year of the Dragon

The video below is of me painting Year of the dragon, one of my latest abstract oil paintings. I thought I’d share a few clips of me actually painting so you can get a feel for the process. ? I’m hoping you’ll also get to know me a bit more, maybe catch a glimpse of where I paint, what music I listen to, my favourite coffee cup even!

Some people think abstract art, especially drip painting is just splashing some paint on a canvas and there’s no skill involved. Well they’d be wrong. There’s actually so many layers of paint droplets, each one carefully placed for the perfect composition. It can be quite time consuming, especially when you have several colours to work with and have to let them dry before adding another layer. The end result is worth it though. Have you viewed Year of the dragon yet? You can find all the details here

I used to mix my paint in glass jars and use a paint brush to scoop up the paint and let it freefall onto canvas as close to my desired placement as possible. This could get quite frustrating as it was challenging to control the droplets. I was chuffed when I came across these mixing bottles with extra thin nozzle. Now I can really get creative and place the paint drips exactly where I want them.

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