Jessica Leigh

Navy Sloth – About me

Hiya I’m Jess aka the Navy Sloth, welcome to my online art gallery and shop. I have a growing collection of abstract paintings available, mainly created using oil paints. There are also one or two acrylic ones and mixed media. I am currently working on a few ideas which I’m hoping to introduce soon so keep an eye on the updates section. Also feel free to follow me on social media. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by clicking the links at the top of the page. I also have a mailing list should you like to be kept up to date by email.

I’m a Cardiff based abstract artist, painting to have fun, unwind and relax. It’s a rewarding yet challenging experience and a personal journey, each one different. I’m constantly pushing my boundaries with over critical, dramatic moments and the occasional happy dance thrown in for fun! I work in several different styles, focusing on colour and texture.


There are several artists I was introduced to at university studying General Illustration whose work and style inspired me. Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell, Monet and Christo are to name but a few. Their work transformed my opinion of modern art allowing me to fully appreciate colour and form. This I believe is reflected in my work.

Art producing – carbon reducing goodness!

I also have a degree in environmental management and a masters in environmental design of buildings. Both of which have taught me about sustainable living and to embrace ways to reduce my carbon footprint. I believe one way we could reduce our carbon footprint is to choose our purchases more wisely.  By selecting pieces designed to last instead of mass produced items that have less sentimental value, get thrown away and end up in landfill. People connect to paintings on a personal level making them the perfect gift for loved ones or a special treat to transform living space. For this reason, buying an original painting is an easy way to do our bit and shop a bit greener (other canvas colours available)!

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