As an artist there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you sell a piece of your work. Knowing someone else appreciates and respects your work and is admiring it on their wall is what it’s all about.

Creating a piece of art is a personal experience. To let someone view it is challenging enough as your ego is always on alert for any signs of criticism. So to have a piece on sale and to actually sell it can be overwhelming to say the least. Every time I sell a painting I literally shake with excitement!

I’ve been on a bit of a painting mission of late. With my painting collection increasing I began to wonder where on earth I am going to store all my work in my studio. With several new collections on the go I decided maybe it was time to have a sale on my website. Of course I panicked at first thinking people might not have the same level of appreciation for my work if the prices where reduced. Within 24 hours of announcing my sale on the website I sold two paintings to one customer!

With competition growing daily from thousands of artists all trying to achieve the same goal I’m just thrilled to be selling my paintings.


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