Surround yourself with  happiness!

Life can be pretty stressful on times. Pressure from work, pressure from home, and even pressure put on by ourselves. Finding the right balance of calm in all the chaos can be tricky. Taking a few steps back helps see the bigger picture and clears the mind.

What makes you happy?

I’ve found power napping and plenty of tea and cake makes me happy! I get stressed so easily, and really need to just chill out.

I think this is one of the main reasons I took up painting. It really does calm me and allows me to switch off, transporting me into the unknown. Painting is my happiness.

My latest collection of drip paintings have a Moroccan vibe to them, with their earthy, bold, rich colours transforming the canvas. Morocco is one unknown I would like to visit one day. For now I shall sip my tea and dream of my next vacation……

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