Why the Navy Sloth?

It’s been a few weeks now since I introduced you to the Navy Sloth. Firstly I’d like to thank you for visiting my site and following me on social media. Don’t forget you have until the end of February to take advantage of 20% discount using code RELAUNCH.

So the BIG question I keep getting asked is Why the Navy Sloth? My initial response is why not. Of course there is a far better explanation and rather amusing one too. Before I begin I should explain that my favourite colour is navy and am usually head to toe in it. Second of all you need to know that I change my hairstyle a lot. I tend to grow it, style it, dye it a few shades, get bored and chop it all off again. Many of these chops involved me having a fringe, some planned, others a result of the dreaded growing out stage. All of which have led to my husband being rather amused by my sloth like resemblence! Images below – I’ll let you be the judge on my sloth-like appearence!

No matter how many times I’ve rolled my eyes yet another reason for liking me to a sloth appears. I like naps! In fact I love a good nap and have been known to have a good three hour nap on a Saturday and Sunday. It saddens me to say my napping days have more or less come to an end however, as we now have a baby to adore and care for! We sometimes call her our baby sloth as she wraps her legs around our arms and clings on with her feet, and yes I do dress her occasionally in navy!

So that is the silly story behind the Navy Sloth! My apologies if you had images of an actual navy sloth painting abstract oil paintings at an easel.

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