I’m not going to ramble on about how great it is being an artist on each of my blogs as it would be

a) tedious for both of us and

b) a big fat lie.

Don’t get me wrong I love being an artist. When I’m in my creative zone its simply an exhilarating and rewarding experience and satisfying on completely new levels. However there have been times where I question myself as an artist…..

I’ve mentioned before that each painting challenges me, and I can spend hours battling with colour and composition. There have been several occasions however where the paintings have won and no matter what I try it just doesn’t cut it. I look at the canvas with disgust and feel both defeated and deflated.

“There’s nothing more miserable than a depressed artist”!

Weeks can go by until I feel creative once more and am in the correct frame of mind to let loose on the canvas. As soon as I’m back in my zone it’s all hunkydory and I re- work the old art into pieces I’m proud of. It’s these images that truly make you an artist as you’ve had to work extra hard to accomplish the end results. All doubts disappear and the whole process is repeated.

So I ask myself and indeed you the reader….

Are artists the hamsters of today? Going round in circles on the creative wheel, losing and regaining focus once in a while?

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